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Artisan Cigar Box Guitars

About House of Hazard

Dan Hazard - Artist/Luthier

Music and art have been essentials in Dan's life so it make sense that two of his passions would find their way into forms he can allow others to take home. Dan burns his original designs onto the wood of each Hazard Cigar Box Guitar by hand and no two boxes are the same. His desire is to craft a box he won't want to part with so he pays close attention to every artistic detail to ensure each box is a work of art. Add to that a couple of decades playing guitar and some time spent working for Fender and you get a very sweet sounding work of art.Dan also creates amazing Alcohol Ink works.

Mellow - Art Hound

The 80 pound freeloader who tries to take the middle spot on the bed at night supervises all artistic creation at House of Hazard. When not barking at the UPS truck delivering more yellow ink, Mellow regulates artist breaks for naps, food, belly scratches and treats. He is the only member of the Hazard family who has not tried his paw at making art. He is more of a crooner. You can give Mellow some love on Facebook where he frequently shares cringeworthy details of his personal life, photos of his dinner and cat videos.

Nicole Hazard - Artist

Nicole majored in wit with a minor in doodling but focused on a profession as an Audiobook Narrator and Voice Artist. She has always doodled: during class, in meetings, on the outside of letters to be mailed, on other people and sometimes on a cigar box guitar. Before she found a way to start doodling on the dog she was given sketch pads, gel pens and markers to keep her busy. Nicole is sometimes seized wth fits of creativity that have her at the work table in the middle of the night and leave her surrounded by empty ink bottles and a half dozen wet canvases.

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Our designs are as big as your imagination. If custom cigar box guitars are your passion or a one of a kind Alcohol Ink design is on your wish list we can work with you.to design something truly unique.

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